MAD about MATTE (Nails)

No this isn’t about the new L’oreal campaign adapting to the matte lipstick craze that has been around for 2 years now.Thanks to lipkween Kylie!

This blog is all about my experience with a matte nail polish for the first time ever!

I know we’re super accustomed to our regular nail sheen and just like all of you,I was apprehensive about the turn out.It was beautiful.This ultra chic texture called ‘matte’ has slyly made it into the vanity kits as well as car showrooms.Have you been spotting matte finished BMW’s? well I’m sure the owner had to have her nails matched to her car,or even the other way around and voila! matte took over.

I had to get my hands on this novel texture and so I ordered my set of 3 matte nail enamels from got the following shades for the following prices(the names of these shades were super accurate,you’ll know why after you’ve worn them)

1)Squid ink-a darker grey

2)S’mores milkshake-the lightest version of pink that exists

3)Matcha tiramisu-the colour you’d get when you mix matcha green with grey.

Price:Rs 549 for a set of three.


Just look at them standing in front of their banner like little rockstars

I tried the squid ink today and I must admit how magical it was.Never have I ever seen nail enamel dry out into matte.I felt like a wizard *abrakadabra dry out matte*


I did a little highlighting with my revlon blue eyeshadow on the nails for a finished look,because these little nail babies need some glam too.You can also use a highlighter to highlight the nail cuticle by dabbing it with an eye shadow brush or a Qtip.

I will be donning this colour for a week after which I will try on the second shade:

S’mores milkshake.

I will be updating my blog with a picture of the new colour next week,so stay tuned 🙂



File deleted-millenials

It’s been a while since I last wrote about something close to my heart,but today I felt like my emotions tried to resurface.I’m sure each of us have a zillion things to do every single day.It’s either taking tuition classes to do better than ‘Sharmaji’s’ daughter,trying to work out and look your best to impress the new love interest,or just obsessed with competing with yourself,like I am.A populated city like Mumbai does that to us.Do you remember the last genuine,non work related laugh you had about a cute habit?

emotion 1

P.S I did have the song ‘never forget you’ by Zara Larsson playing in the background when I wrote this.

We’re running away from emotions aren’t we?’why feel anymore!’.Thanks to the internet,we’re turning into little heartless monsters.One cute baby,cat or a dog video is our dose of emotion for the day.We locked our good old buddy emotion in the bottom cellar of our brain and won’t let it resurface anymore because we need to portray how strong we are! ‘oh my life is perfect,why let social media know i’m sad? my friends will think i’m weird and gradually unfriend me’.I dare you to post a selfie of you in pain.Truth be told,we’re ashamed.

emotion 4

(PFA,This is where we store emotion)

I revisited my little buddy emotion today after 1 year of trying to avoid it.Trust me it was a bad idea.That emotion led to a painful memory,which had no place in my heart anymore.My little buddy took me to good and bad places at the same time.Emo took me to limbo.Emo acted like a time machine and took me to 2014.That year welcomed new people,new attachments which emo took pictures of and turned into an album.I burned the album by the end of 2015 and never looked back.’out of sight is out of mind’ became my constant slogan.I crossed yet another milestone in my life and kept looking forward.There was no turning back indeed.2 days ago,I had a dream with the people in it from 2014.Emo had slyly transferred the pictures onto my heart disk.So there they were, those feelings,memories,moments which flashed back.I still remember the way she laughed & reacted to things.The way he ate.It all felt soo real.

emotion 2

I finally got out of that dammed time machine and swore I’d never go back.When I got back to reality,it just struck me how heartless I’ve become! I just let them go,wherever they were, without thinking of the times they actually stuck by me,made me laugh and just made life better.I didn’t appreciate the past and the present,but I selfishly awaited the future.Emo indeed taught me a lesson about ‘never letting go’.What if one day you wake up realizing you don’t have the people you’re highly attached to anymore? that’s exactly how I felt and decided to just focus on the present.It’s okay to feel,absolutely okay to cry when we revisit memories.Nobody turns p***y or gay,hey we’re all just human here :’)


Aishwarya’s lips don’t lie…in the hands of our judgement

Lucky lips

Society has recently been obsessed at different levels with ‘LIPS’.It all began with Kylie jenner’s negative publicity for artificially plumped lips which she smartly cultivated into her lipkit empire!What I fail to understand here is the negative & sassy comments Aishwarya Bachchan received for her lavender lips (Call it purple one more time and I’ll shoot you).I am no fan of her’s but this time,i’m on team ‘lips’.Those lips should have garnered support instead,for the bold move at Cannes.We indians have got to get over our own stereotypical thinking of how a bahu and mother should ideally dress or look,in ways we deem appropriate.

ash lips 2

Calm down women

Would we have reacted in the same way,had it been for any other actress under 30,unmarried and without a child? we would have been fairly satisfied and proud if a Priyanka Chopra  pulled off this look.Thanks to her bold and risque personality with the onset of her impressions in hollywood.Ash on the other hand, has been this graceful,poised,sophisticated figure representing the women that grew up watching her(I don’t discount the fact that she has starred in hollywood films).Thus it comes as such a shocker to this audience that resonates with her personality.She kept pleasing the media with her demure attires through these years and then there came lavender lips.This set of audience definitely got flabbergasted and went like, ‘Wait what happend? we do not wear that shade and it is just unacceptable!’.It’s such an unexpected curve on the fashionomic graph!Sincere apologies to you all,but the graph was tired of just being a straight line going upwards without any shifts.We’ve been through blue eyelids and now, it’s just time for lavender lips.(Who knows it could be the next thing).If you’ll haven’t checked out #jeffreestar you’re missing out on #lipporn.

ash lips

The actual look

I think the lips work out beautifully,given the white floral textured gown with lavender & white flowers(You now know why she chose the lipstick!basic colour co-ordination duh).It gives her a futuristic look,drawing major attention to the lips.What could have been improvised aesthetically, were the eyes.Those smoky eyes were a total no no.Overall the look is boldly beautiful for a change and a fresh welcome to my eyes,besides,We need to get over those reds,maroons and pink!

Next Lipkit in India?

Ash topped my list of ‘celebrities to stalk’ for cannes this year,with kendall Jenner and Sonam Kapoor always topping the charts.Speaking of Jenner,should we wait impatiently for Ash’s next move based on lips? She probably intends to convert this publicity and generate traffic towards #L’oreal’s new lipstick collection,or simply launch her own ‘lipstick’ for mothers.Let’s just hope this gorgeous mommy keeps surprising us every year!I’m guessing she opted for #blowpony by #jeffreestarcosmetics.What do you guys think?Leave a comment below if you’ll know the brand of her lipstick.

lavender lips


Where are you now?

I’m writing this in memory of all those looking for their cheating exes..just kidding.But if we think about it,Our musical platform is bombarded by songs that involve looking for their better half.These songs are but obviously written by the younger ones in search of their better halves,looking endlessley for ‘the right’ one to arrive at their doorstep.Like chal bhai ‘where are you now’ bahaar nikal!Jokes apart,the ones entering their 20’s face this the most.Too bad Sarah Jessica parker still faces it in her 40’s!

*inserts random picture of listen to your heart*


It’s miserable really.One moment you feel you’re a free bird and pretend to do all the cool things approved socially like ‘oh you’re single? let’s flirt,oh you’re single let’s experiment,Oh you’re single become a hot potato.Then there are ‘those’ days.You’ll know what I’m talking about.They make you feel like a widow already.Starvation is what I feel like.No one available at my disposal as and when I need it.We all love affection.No matter how badass I think I am,I admit I need it.Those days feel like an island of diamonds you’re never finding ways to reach.It’s starving you,but you’re trapped.You can’t move and shiz.Then there is the island full of diamonds.The metaphor stands for ‘the one’.Yes I’m talking about the one that holds you just right,grips you with his humor,plays with your hair and stares into your soul.Snap out of it girl.I was just narrating the virtual version of it.

lookking ino miorr

The diamond boy in this real world may just love sharing pizza with you.He’ll buy you nachos on the way.Bring a stack of movies along with him for ‘netflix and chill’.The strange part about this ‘the one’ is that,it’s not exclusive anymore.We lack the exclusitivity.Where are those well planned evenings for dates that included cycling,picnicking on the grass,watching stars from the backseat of cars and do whatever was to follow.That’s the kind of romance missing from our lives.Why are we converting something soo special into something soo casual?Why don’t we lovers sing each other songs under the tree or by the beach anymore? the fact that we have quick access to one another makes it difficult to long for the other.We need not settle for casual texts,quick calls and short lived facetime.We need to relive these moments.Say ‘what’s up’ to all in real life.We need to express here.My friend and I tried an experiment that involved actually enacting how we would be Talking irl to eachother (texting+talking).


It began with


Friend:I need to talk to you

Tan:Go on

Friend:*types really fast*

Friend:paragraph 1..

Tan:Oh,I’ll take a while to read it,process it and reply.

Friend:Cool.Let’s go for a walk now,leaving our phones indoors and TALKING IRL.

TALKING IRL-The only way to experience enough to narrate your  life or imagine telling your kids how your love story evolved over two little screens.


picnic friends

Hi,I love talking.

I’m virtually tamedtreasure.I’d brand myself as the newly discovered species of social hierarchy- ‘Ambivert’.Don’t get me wrong.I love meeting new people,making new friends and most of all sharing opinions! I mean don’t you need company and support for your opinions? As an ambivert,I’m tamed and not always out there befriending the world.I have days when I retreat into my shell only to catch up on me time so that I can hold endless conversations with all those who love talking!that’s the beauty of being tamedtreasure.

The reason I got talked into blogging was

a)I love talking

b)Venting out to the screen is my thing (Siri still talks back though)

c)Strong recommendations- When I find ‘the’ right choice of a place,restaurant,mall,movie I obsess over it like I finally found a match for days, until I get those around me to obsess about it too!

One of the reasons I obsess and recommend A LOT is so that I can dream,rant and crave for it along with some company to repeat and relive that experience again! Admit it guys,we all form some bond over a place,food,movie,song.

Last week I went out for brunch after my usual Sunday mass with my childhood friends to Villa Vandre in Bandra.We ordered for an english breakfast and a very basic russian cutlet.Who knew russian cutlets could take a piece of your heart like Villa Vandre’s did? the only memory I had of russian cutlets were at communion parties and weddings where it used to be served with biryani.This russian cutlet from Villa Vandre was out of this world! It had the perfect crisp on the outside that melted in your mouth from the inside.The chicken and egg were such a perfect blend!

My everyday obsession is..Ok I’ll be honest,but I just mean it from the point of view of fashion,beauty and lifestyle..It is none other than-Kylie Jenner.Yes I’m in love with an 18 year old who recently established her own lip kingdom! I sound like a stalker,(No I’m not lesbian) but who doesn’t like lip/outfit/hair goals first thing in the morning? It only makes me feel like I can pull off whatever I’m currently wearing with her attitude.I admire her business sense and those lips she’s worked her ass off on.She made her only insecurity her strength and here she is now (I’m excluding the nepotism).Anyway, I got my male colleague to obsess over her too and now he thinks she is everything goals *evil laugh*.

Obsession is fun.It’s a pass time I temporarily thrive on and go back to it whenever I want to.SONGS get me all the time! the song I’ve been playing on loop for the past 3 days is ‘3 strikes’ by terror junior.


Carry your comfort

As a kid, growing up to me meant getting dressed.As an upcoming adult,growing up to me still means dressing up.How can you expect to play your role if you aren’t dressed for it? Fashion speaks of the roles you’re assigned to.

Today I felt like like a homeless drug addict.I put on my joggers ,my crew neck T-shirt and clumsily tied a bun.I wanted to complete the look and so I wore these sneakers that just added to the homeless comfort and voila! It made me feel like I had a role to play.Dressing up the part made me relax for the day because it was a Friday and work didn’t demand much of me either.That didn’t stop me from wearing minimalistic makeup.I decided to slash some kajal on my waterline and upper eyelid (khal drogo style) curled those lashes with some mascara .I didn’t forget my sunscreen.Lastly i added a pop of my nude lakme 9-5 lipstick that gives my lips the perfect sheen to make me look like a druggy who still has some scope in life.I wanted to travel light (because I was homeless remember?) and so I slayed the look with my grey sling bag, studded to infinity.


Who says fashion is all about being poised and sophisticated? the day you embrace your look is the day you create one.I walked on to the streets like a total badass from the outside but a committed employee who still had a to do list to complete,from the inside.( I couldn’t afford to get homeless for real).This look made me feel like I’m in my zone,carrying my world along with me while performing the required tasks at hand.For those who have a strict dress code to abide with,I’d recommend abiding it your way.Carry your comfort in the form of your favourite hoodie,shoes,bag,cap etc.basically anything that lets you slay the day you don’t want to make hay.