Does M.A.C even need a review? :p Hi guys, I've been slacking with my blog posts I must admit but this time my laptop crashed and I lost all my pictures, videos and other important documents :'(. On days like these I thank my organized ass for backing up all my data on google drive!... Continue Reading →


File Deleted – Millenials

It's been a while since I last wrote about something close to my heart, but today I felt like my emotions tried to resurface. I'm sure each of us have a zillion things to do every single day.It's either taking tuition classes to do better than 'Sharmaji's' daughter, trying to work out and look your... Continue Reading →

Where are you now?

I'm writing this in memory of all those looking for their cheating exes.. just kidding. But if we think about it, Our musical platform is bombarded by songs that involve looking for their better half. These songs are but obviously written by the younger ones in search of their better halves, looking endlessly for 'the... Continue Reading →

Hi,I love talking.

I'm virtually tamedtreasure.I'd brand myself as the newly discovered species of social hierarchy- 'Ambivert'.Don't get me wrong.I love meeting new people,making new friends and most of all sharing opinions! I mean don't you need company and support for your opinions? As an ambivert,I'm tamed and not always out there befriending the world.I have days when... Continue Reading →

Carry your comfort

As a kid, growing up to me meant getting dressed.As an upcoming adult,growing up to me still means dressing up.How can you expect to play your role if you aren’t dressed for it? Fashion speaks of the roles you’re assigned to. Today I felt like like a homeless drug addict.I put on my joggers ,my... Continue Reading →

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