Delhi Diaries

I believe in grabbing an opportunity when it arrives at my doorstep and exploring it with all my might. Himachal Pradesh,Sikkim,Darjeeling,Calcutta,Chennai,Pondicherry,Kerala,Bangalore,Goa and Gujurat had been chalked on my travel map already.Then came Delhi,totally unannounced and I couldn't contain my thrill.It was a work trip but time management and the willingness to explore new destinations gave... Continue Reading →


Carry your comfort

As a kid, growing up to me meant getting dressed.As an upcoming adult,growing up to me still means dressing up.How can you expect to play your role if you aren’t dressed for it? Fashion speaks of the roles you’re assigned to. Today I felt like like a homeless drug addict.I put on my joggers ,my... Continue Reading →

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