How To Dress For A Pool Party In Mumbai

What we think pool party outfits are like in Mumbai…

Las Vegas Pools and Pool Parties

What they actually look like…

bikini 5

Noticed the difference?

That’s right.Pool parties in Mumbai are on the conservative side,when it comes to outfits for women.Here’s a look I curated for a pool party ensemble in Mumbai, that is both comfy and sexy at the same time, revealing just the right amount of skin.Admit it guys,none of us lose the weight we hope to lose before the summers and thus we skip those pool parties our friends send us invites to on facebook.Here’s a chance for you to finally click on ‘Going’ instead of a ‘maybe’ or ‘not going’.

Outfit Idea

image (16)image (17)image (13)

This is the look I chose to go with,but each one’s own.

Below are outfit details:

Maroon crop top- Forever 21 

Striped shorts- Forever 21

Crochet cardigan-Forever 21

Shoes-A shop on hill road

Shades-Cupcakes and closet.

Crochet cardigan

The crochet cardigan is a must have in your closet as it screams summer! It acts as your cover up,layer buddy and a fat hiding tool all at once.You can pair almost anything,right from bralettes to tank tops with this cardigan.

How to shop

Collect the cardigans that you can wear with almost anything.Colour wise,opt for white,offwhite,beige and ivory colours to make your inner top stand out.Don’t forget to match the length of your cardigan.An oversized cardigan should not go beyond your knees.Lastly,twirl,twerk and play around with it to check if you’re absolutely comfy in the changing room!

Crop top

This crop top is perfect for those with summer bellies that refuse to melt.It covers a major part of your torso, leaving the right area for exposure.

How to shop

Choose a crop top that covers your problem areas on your upper body.If you’re comfortable with bralettes,opt for those depending on your comfort.Make sure the colours you choose are a single toned colour to make it stand out.


The shorts are as comfy as pyjama shorts.This pair of shorts was the right investment ,because of the striped neutrality.Stripes work out with any colour.

How to shop

For those who’s thighs are a problem area,it’s advisable to opt for a high waisted pair of shorts that flare slightly as they reach the thighs.The idea of shorts is comfort.Opt for 30 if you’re a 28.If you want to choose something that begins at the lower waist,then you’d rather choose a pair with an elastic to adjust the size.(That way,it lasts you through 2-3 kgs more)

Do mention any other outfit ideas for other body types in the comment section below!Go forth and soak up the sun ❤



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