Where are you now?

I’m writing this in memory of all those looking for their cheating exes..just kidding.But if we think about it,Our musical platform is bombarded by songs that involve looking for their better half.These songs are but obviously written by the younger ones in search of their better halves,looking endlessley for ‘the right’ one to arrive at their doorstep.Like chal bhai ‘where are you now’ bahaar nikal!Jokes apart,the ones entering their 20’s face this the most.Too bad Sarah Jessica parker still faces it in her 40’s!

*inserts random picture of listen to your heart*


It’s miserable really.One moment you feel you’re a free bird and pretend to do all the cool things approved socially like ‘oh you’re single? let’s flirt,oh you’re single let’s experiment,Oh you’re single become a hot potato.Then there are ‘those’ days.You’ll know what I’m talking about.They make you feel like a widow already.Starvation is what I feel like.No one available at my disposal as and when I need it.We all love affection.No matter how badass I think I am,I admit I need it.Those days feel like an island of diamonds you’re never finding ways to reach.It’s starving you,but you’re trapped.You can’t move and shiz.Then there is the island full of diamonds.The metaphor stands for ‘the one’.Yes I’m talking about the one that holds you just right,grips you with his humor,plays with your hair and stares into your soul.Snap out of it girl.I was just narrating the virtual version of it.

lookking ino miorr

The diamond boy in this real world may just love sharing pizza with you.He’ll buy you nachos on the way.Bring a stack of movies along with him for ‘netflix and chill’.The strange part about this ‘the one’ is that,it’s not exclusive anymore.We lack the exclusitivity.Where are those well planned evenings for dates that included cycling,picnicking on the grass,watching stars from the backseat of cars and do whatever was to follow.That’s the kind of romance missing from our lives.Why are we converting something soo special into something soo casual?Why don’t we lovers sing each other songs under the tree or by the beach anymore? the fact that we have quick access to one another makes it difficult to long for the other.We need not settle for casual texts,quick calls and short lived facetime.We need to relive these moments.Say ‘what’s up’ to all in real life.We need to express here.My friend and I tried an experiment that involved actually enacting how we would be Talking irl to eachother (texting+talking).


It began with


Friend:I need to talk to you

Tan:Go on

Friend:*types really fast*

Friend:paragraph 1..

Tan:Oh,I’ll take a while to read it,process it and reply.

Friend:Cool.Let’s go for a walk now,leaving our phones indoors and TALKING IRL.

TALKING IRL-The only way to experience enough to narrate your  life or imagine telling your kids how your love story evolved over two little screens.


picnic friends

Delhi Diaries

I believe in grabbing an opportunity when it arrives at my doorstep and exploring it with all my might.

Himachal Pradesh,Sikkim,Darjeeling,Calcutta,Chennai,Pondicherry,Kerala,Bangalore,Goa and Gujurat had been chalked on my travel map already.Then came Delhi,totally unannounced and I couldn’t contain my thrill.It was a work trip but time management and the willingness to explore new destinations gave me a handful of the ‘Dilli experience’.I make it a point to travel to at least 2 destinations in a year be it within the state,country or an international trip.

Travelling indeed expands your horizons.There is a difference in the way people behave,dress,eat,talk at every station for that matter.Ever wondered why the best south indian joints are concentrated in Matunga central? Why is there such a vast difference between the ‘townies'(Dadar-Churchgate) and the ‘burbs'(Mahim-Virar)? while you ponder over that,let me take you through Delhi.

The journey

I knew I was going to be on a roll right from the moment I stepped into the airport.I was standing at the baggage check in ,when my colleague Rohit spotted Sonam Kapoor with her sister Rhea Kapoor saying ‘Oh only She would wear something like that’.I jumped when he pointed towards her and I ran to tell her I’m a fan of the way she dresses because admit it fashionistas, you would’ve done the same.I also managed to get a picture!(fangirlmoment).


I finally hopped onto the plane and landed in Delhi.We traveled in the team bus from the Delhi airport to Janpath marg,which is where our hotel was.I’d recommend booking an Ola or an Uber which are the safest to avoid the local rickshaws that simply don’t follow a meter system!

Sightseeing & shopping

I stayed at le meridien located at Janpath marg which was unbelievably fancy.My first stop was Connaught place which was similar to the Colaba of Mumbai.The streets on that Friday night were buzzing with youngsters  checking into cafes & bars that were lined up one after another.Me and my colleagues visited the warehouse cafe and got lucky to witness one of the most entertaining musicians who performed original compositions in punjabi and bollywood songs from the 90’s! the ambience added to the beauty of the evening.I could keep walking the streets of Connaught place forever! the weather was airy,the people were merry.

My second stop was Janpath market.It was at a walkable distance from my hotel but I took a rickshaw anyway because I was running out of time :p.Janpath marg was filled with Indian jewellery ,accessories and memoirs right from tibetan  to punjabi.This market was a one point stop for handmade bags,home decor ,rajasthani kurthas!you can bargain for everything here just like you do on the streets of hill road and Colaba causeway.I made a few purchases like statement neckpieces,Jhumkas,kurthas which I could go on buying if only time permitted.I found a little shop that branded Punjab.That shop was the most colourful one on that street just like the state.My next stop was Palika bazaar.This market was not worth my time but just okay to explore.I’d compare it to the CST subway in Mumbai.

Next stop was India gate and guess what it rained there! I experienced my first rains in March in Delhi.I wondered if this trip could get even crazier.I tried the famous gol gappa which was average but worth a try.

On day 3 which was sadly my last day in Delhi,I dragged my colleages to the famous Jantar Mantar which took us 30 minutes to explore,complete with our picture sessions.Do not miss a picture against the inverted heart.The beauty of this place is the thought put into the structure which tells the time.


We had exactly 1 hour to complete our Dilli darshan and so  we headed to Feroz Shah kotla palace bang opposite Indira Gandhi indoor stadium.This place had it’s own austere charm.I love forts,palaces ,churches and temples,basically anything that narrates the history of the place.Right outside the fort was a kulcha and paratha cart.I rushed to try my firt Dilli street food breakfast.Kulcha is this flat bread which is a typical Amritsari dish that I ate with spicy chickpea curry.Their preparations are out of this world.I relished every hot bite of my Kulcha with the yummy chickpea curry and crave it till today.

Snapchat-3889225490645471103 Snapchat-7146493291840962238 Snapchat-2008595421283720409


With that I ended my shortlived Delhi trip but explored it to the fullest despite my crazy schedule.Delhi is very different in terms of the culture.The people there are more Indianised,speak in a haryanvi hindi accent and love food.Contrary to the stereotypes I had about the men in mind,my experience was safe .The roads are better organized, broader and well designated which makes it easier to travel by yourself without getting lost.Overall I fell in love with the capital of India because of the monuments it is filled with.






Hi,I love talking.

I’m virtually tamedtreasure.I’d brand myself as the newly discovered species of social hierarchy- ‘Ambivert’.Don’t get me wrong.I love meeting new people,making new friends and most of all sharing opinions! I mean don’t you need company and support for your opinions? As an ambivert,I’m tamed and not always out there befriending the world.I have days when I retreat into my shell only to catch up on me time so that I can hold endless conversations with all those who love talking!that’s the beauty of being tamedtreasure.

The reason I got talked into blogging was

a)I love talking

b)Venting out to the screen is my thing (Siri still talks back though)

c)Strong recommendations- When I find ‘the’ right choice of a place,restaurant,mall,movie I obsess over it like I finally found a match for days, until I get those around me to obsess about it too!

One of the reasons I obsess and recommend A LOT is so that I can dream,rant and crave for it along with some company to repeat and relive that experience again! Admit it guys,we all form some bond over a place,food,movie,song.

Last week I went out for brunch after my usual Sunday mass with my childhood friends to Villa Vandre in Bandra.We ordered for an english breakfast and a very basic russian cutlet.Who knew russian cutlets could take a piece of your heart like Villa Vandre’s did? the only memory I had of russian cutlets were at communion parties and weddings where it used to be served with biryani.This russian cutlet from Villa Vandre was out of this world! It had the perfect crisp on the outside that melted in your mouth from the inside.The chicken and egg were such a perfect blend!

My everyday obsession is..Ok I’ll be honest,but I just mean it from the point of view of fashion,beauty and lifestyle..It is none other than-Kylie Jenner.Yes I’m in love with an 18 year old who recently established her own lip kingdom! I sound like a stalker,(No I’m not lesbian) but who doesn’t like lip/outfit/hair goals first thing in the morning? It only makes me feel like I can pull off whatever I’m currently wearing with her attitude.I admire her business sense and those lips she’s worked her ass off on.She made her only insecurity her strength and here she is now (I’m excluding the nepotism).Anyway, I got my male colleague to obsess over her too and now he thinks she is everything goals *evil laugh*.

Obsession is fun.It’s a pass time I temporarily thrive on and go back to it whenever I want to.SONGS get me all the time! the song I’ve been playing on loop for the past 3 days is ‘3 strikes’ by terror junior.