Where are you now?

I'm writing this in memory of all those looking for their cheating exes.. just kidding. But if we think about it, Our musical platform is bombarded by songs that involve looking for their better half. These songs are but obviously written by the younger ones in search of their better halves, looking endlessly for 'the... Continue Reading →


Delhi Diaries

I believe in grabbing an opportunity when it arrives at my doorstep and exploring it with all my might. Himachal Pradesh,Sikkim,Darjeeling,Calcutta,Chennai,Pondicherry,Kerala,Bangalore,Goa and Gujurat had been chalked on my travel map already.Then came Delhi,totally unannounced and I couldn't contain my thrill.It was a work trip but time management and the willingness to explore new destinations gave... Continue Reading →

Hi,I love talking.

I'm virtually tamedtreasure.I'd brand myself as the newly discovered species of social hierarchy- 'Ambivert'.Don't get me wrong.I love meeting new people,making new friends and most of all sharing opinions! I mean don't you need company and support for your opinions? As an ambivert,I'm tamed and not always out there befriending the world.I have days when... Continue Reading →

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